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  industrial welding & cutting         
  road and civil construction
  artisanal weapons & armory
  interaction design
  ICT consulting

  Belgium - welding & cutting
  China - welding & cutting
  Denmark - interaction design
  Germany - welding & cutting
  India - welding & cutting
  Luxemburg - weapons & armory
  Luxemburg - construction
  Netherlands - eetkaffee
  Netherlands - welding & cutting
  Spain - welding & cutting
  UK - welding & cutting
  Zwitserland - welding & cutting


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  industrial cutting and welding

industrial welding applications, welding, sensors, cutting, robot technology, robotics, robot drilling, industrial equipment, sensors, welding machines, robot systems, welding processes, mechanical engineering, safety equipment, process technology

  aggregate materials for road and civil construction.

road and civil construction advanced technologies to provide the quantity of aggregate materials, processing of the blast furnace, sandstone pits in Luxembourg and Germany

  rifles, handguns, ammunition

rifles, handguns, ammunition, chasse, EU export

  eetkaffee Den Haag, Netherlands

dining, wining, lunch, food, resto

  ICT consulting

consulting, training, programming